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  • Want to be inspired to take action? Whether your event is for Christians or a group that needs to be inspired, Camille can tailor her presentations to meet your needs! Camille will deliver a powerful action filled presentation that will leave your audience both inspired and ready to conquer the world! 


  • Her signature talk, The Lost Art of Meditation Biblical Meditation will leave your audience wondering where biblical meditation has been all their life and saying goodbye to any other self-help and meditation techniques!


  • Her mission is not just to inspire, but to empower. Every talk she gives is filled with practical steps that anyone can apply to their life and get results!


  • Camille can stir both the emotions and the mind. She will bring high energy, passion, and a spirit of excellence that will fire up any crowd and get them moving. So hire her today! You won’t regret it!

  • Camille is a Certified Lifestyle Coach that was trained by Drs. Debbie and Tracy Wallace, founders of True Health TV. (http://www.truehealth.tv.) She has trained and coached clients in how to reverse diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity through a plant based lifestyle.


  • Interested in learning more? Contact her today and ask Camille about speaking at your next health event.


  • She will “Wow” you!

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  • Camille is a gifted speaker and writer that has been speaking in churches and on stages since the gift of oratory was first discovered at her church youth Sunday event when she was sixteen years old. Camille has been using the gifts of speaking and writing as a teacher in her local church, as an author and a speaker. Camille leaves her audiences with memorable teaching that feed the soul and stirs up the spirit.

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“God, What Did You Put In My Drink?”:

The Power of the Word of God to Transform Your Life


Key Impact:

The power of God’s Word has a radical impact on our lives not just in some distant future, but in the here and now. 


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. The great I AM can radically transform your “I am.” 

  2. The power of the moment and experiencing transformation in the present 

  3. The impact of our thoughts on our emotions and life



Be Strong and Courageous:

Fear and How to Overcome It 


Key Impact:

Got Fear? Everyone has it. It is how you deal with it that matters. 


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. Fear is one of Satan’s greatest weapons because of its immobilizing power. Fear is a Master and obeying it makes us its slave

  2. God’s prescription for conquering fear

  3. Defining Courage: What really does it mean to be Fearless?


Imperfectly Perfect: Embracing Your Imperfection 


Key Impact:

There are no perfect people. Embracing your imperfection is the beginning of true personal maturity


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. Embracing our imperfection is true strength. It leads to emotional freedom and self- acceptance.

  2. When we embrace our imperfection we unconsciously and consciously give others the permission to do the same in an often superficial world

  3. Our Creator knows who we are as human beings and doesn’t expect perfection. Embracing our perfection creates the space for us to actually grow and become more perfect in our character


The Lost Art of Biblical Meditation: God’s Path to Transformation


Key Impact:

Introduce the audience to the historical and biblical method of guaranteed transformation/change: meditation


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. Learn why biblical meditation is considered a lost art and what the Bible says about it

  2. Learn the differences between Eastern and Biblical Meditation

  3. Learn the basics of biblical meditation and why it is the ultimate game changer in personal change/transformation


Grasshoppers?: God’s Ultimate Guide

to True Success  


Key Impact:

To understand how “we see things are WE ARE not as they are” (What God sees) - Jewish Proverb


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. How seeing things the way God sees them is the ONLY basis for reality there is. Everything else is a delusion.

  2. Defining true success (our Promised Land) and the barriers to achieving it

  3. Give me Liberty or give me Death: Why achieving God’s Vision for Your Life is a Matter of Life and Death


Gratitude: The Antidote to

Whatever Ails You 


Key Impact:

Understanding how gratitude is the cure for what ails us emotionally


3 Key Takeaways: 


  1. Learn the scientific benefits of gratitude on health and its impact every area of our life

  2. Learn practical steps in practicing gratitude daily

  3. Learn what God has to say about gratitude and why it is an indication of true worship

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“Camille McKenzie is an amazing and influential bible teacher. Anyone can read through the Bible, but she dedicates her time to helping you fully understand what the Bible is teaching you. Also, she helps relate the lessons the Bible is teaching you to your everyday life, and how you can use those lessons in different situations. By being an amazing bible teacher, she has made a huge Impact in my life. She helped me grow not only in my knowledge of the Bible, but as a person.”