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Join the "My Sweet Inspirations" movement and spread more hope, from God's Word, throughout our world!


each Scripture Topper comes with it's own Unique and Inspirational Scripture Card!

Card Examples

We highly recommend watching the movie "Sweet Inspirations" in it's entirety.  The movie inspires all of us to use our lives to bless others.  Our prayer and hope is that you will use these Scripture toppers as a means to brighten up your corner of the world!


  • Bake cupcakes or purchase them at the store

  • Choose the topper(s) that best communicates the message you want to send to the person(s)

  • Place the topper(s) on top of the cupcake(s)

  • Personally deliver the cupcake(s) to the person(s) in need of a Sweet Inspiration!

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Scripture toppers can be used on any finger foods (mini-sandwiches, snack trays, fruit, etc). Also be sure to consider the health status of the person(s) you are blessing.  For example, a cupcake is not ideal for a diabetic. Instead you might want to give a diabetic a food option that is consistent with their health needs. 



  • ENCOURAGE – A Christian friend, family member, co-worker or church sister/brother who is going through a challenging time in their life.

  • MINISTRY – Use cupcakes or finger foods with Scripture toppers as a ministry to people who need a touch of inspiration in hospitals, prisons, nursing homes/assisted living facilities and abused women's shelters, etc.

  • CELEBRATE – Graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and special events using Scripture toppers!

  • FELLOWSHIP – Bring a dish with Scripture toppers to social gatherings like church potlucks and use them as a means to engage others in conversation around Scripture.

Join the "My Sweet Inspirations" movement by purchasing your own Sweet Inspirations set!

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  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE – (1) 3"x 6" Card with front and back instructions and ideas for how to use the Sweet Inspirations toppers and scripture cards as well as a full PDF printable guide.

  • TOPPERS – 10 Scripture topper designs that you can download and print at home [on a color printer, or at your local printing shop]. There are (12) 2" circles per page, for each topic, and you can print as many as you need.

  • SCRIPTURE CARDS – 10 Scripture topper cards that you can download and print at home [on a color printer, or at your local printing shop]. There are (12) 3"x2" cards for each topic, and you can print as many as you need.


ONLY $9.99

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