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Hello, my name is Camille and I am a Life Coach, Bible teacher, and Author. But first and foremost, I am a Christian. 

Life Coaching for Christians fell into my lap. I just started listening to the Holy Spirit and God’s plan for me. My goal is to help other Christian Women discover what’s been holding them back. 

Together We Would Work On:

Author. Christian Life Coach. Motivational Speaker.

My guess is that you found this page because you felt lost. You felt afraid. And you felt alone even in your Church. There is no shame in that feeling. You are here because you are a Christian woman committed to Christ.  You are determined to do His will. And that feeling that tells you, ‘there is just something that always gets in the way,’ or ‘I wish I had the time to dedicate to myself and God,’ has expired. That excuse has reached its peak date.

As women, we have often had deeply internal and unspoken traumas and struggles. We keep everything bottled up but that will not make our life better. Our overactive schedules and responsibilities cause havoc on our emotional system and sometimes, with all that fire, all that go go go, it can bring us crashing down. 

How do you feel —-in control of your day?  How do you feel —on top of your goals, aligned with your purpose?

Camille Inspires is here to help! 

I want to surround you with the love, inspiration, and courage, and wisdom you need to get through the everyday struggles in your life. 

Thankfully, there is a big cheat sheet for when you feel out of control. The Bible has our answers. All we must do is open our hearts and listen. 

Expect me to challenge you

Expect me to offer God’s wisdom

I want to help you to transform into the woman you were always meant to be– a force for good in your family, the community, and the world – a woman that sparkles for Christ. 

Think of me as your transformational life coaching expert. A mentor with a pastoral heart. And your biggest advocate.

Sincerely, Camille




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